Month: March 2014

Last Great Dreamers Live in 2014

Last Great Dreamers LiveThe Last Great Dreamers plan to play a handful of shows later this year possibly to coincide with the release of an album. Although nothing is yet confirmed there is talk of a festival appearance in August followed by a couple of headline shows in September/October.

Further details will be released as soon as they are available, currently the band are working hard rehearsing through their back catalogue with the new line-up & deciding which songs to feature live.

Slyder: “We can’t wait to get back on stage but we want to make sure we are ready, rehearsals are going well with Ginge & Ian slotting in perfectly, it’s been hard work but lots of fun, but we have a lot of work to do before we are ‘stage fit’. “

New Last Great Dreamers Line-up Announced

The new 2014 Last Great Dreamers line-up has been announced; Marc & Slyder have teamed up with original Silver Hearts drummer Ginge & Wraith’s Ian Scruffykid.

GingeGinge, was the 1st Silver Hearts drummer until approx. 1991/2 until he left to persue a career as an architect. He has been gigging fairly regularly with his band The Zeroes with Dunc from Who Cares Anyway who supported Silver Hearts at the London – Hellfire Club & Nottingham Narrowboat many years ago.

Ginge: “It was great to hook up with Marc, Slyder & Ian again after so long & blow those cobwebs well & truly away. It feels like a new chapter in the LGD story, one we are all ready to write. I think we all found the first few hours in the studio a struggle but it all quickly fell into place. I feel lucky to have Ian as my bass boss, he’s really solid & dependable, I think we’re gonna make a good team!”

Ian Scruffykid originally met Marc, Slyder & Ginge when he auditioned for Silver Hearts following Boog’s departure in early 1991. That time Dave Halley got the job but after meeting up again soon after in Ian’s hometown of Nottingham at the Heart’s next gig there they became good friends with Ian eventually becoming a long serving member of the Silver Hearts & Last Great Dreamers road crew. Most recently he has been playing with Midlands rockers Wraith.

Ian ScruffykidIan: “It’s amazing to be playing the songs of a band I’ve loved listening to for many years, LGD have always been great friends, great fun and a huge influence on my own playing. I just hope I can do the songs justice although I’m sure there are a few people who would tell me without hesitation. 2014 is looking to be an exciting time for LGD and I’m thrilled to be part of it!”

Slyder: “I’m sure the 2014 line-up will work well…I met up with Ian & Ginge via Facebook after not seeing them for over 10 years, Ginge was keen to do something & Ian was threatening to start a Dreamers tribute band if we didn’t reform soon. When Marc & I chatted about it we wanted all relevant ex-members the chance to be involved & didn’t want to create a line-up without everyone knowing that we were doing it.”

Marc & Slyder got together with Ian & Ginge 2 weeks ago for a 2 day rehearsal session to play through some Dreamers & Hearts songs & see how it felt.

Slyder: “Rehearsing for the 1st time was a bit weird for all of us at first but these guys have had more recent gig experience than Marc & I, we were making more mistakes than they were. After the 1st day in the studio it was starting to come together. Playing with Ginge again after all these years is great, he has a very individual style & is a unique character and not having any ex-bass players available Ian was the natural choice, he was virtually part of the band anyway & a great guy to have around, one thing though, we may have to change his name to Ian Dandyboy!”

Last Great Dreamers 2014

Last Great Dreamers new line-up will be continuing to rehearse & plan some live shows & a possible release for later in the year.